Many University of Alabama students living on campus are registered to vote outside of Tuscaloosa County. To assist students living on campus in voting by absentee ballot, students may have their ballot sent to the Campus Mail Service Center (even if the student has not rented a post office box) by following the steps found below:

  1. Request an absentee ballot from your local election authority in the state in which you are registered. If you need assistance in requesting a ballot, visit the UA Turbovote website.
  2. Once your absentee request is approved by the local elections officer, the election office sends an absentee ballot to you. Please note that the ballot must be sent from an official elections official for it to be processed at the Campus Mail Service Center if you do not have a post office box. Mail not easily identifiable as official election materials will not be processed. If you elect to have your ballot sent to the Campus Mail Service Center, please use the following recipient address structure to ensure that your ballot is managed properly:
    Your Full Name
    Six-Digit MSC# (All students are assigned a unique Mailstop Code (MSC), which is a six-digit number that allows you to receive any trackable item at the Campus Mail Service Center. You may locate your MSC number under the Student tab in Mybama.)
    1831 University Station
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
  3. Once your absentee ballot is received by Campus Mail Service, you will receive an email notification at your Crimson Mail account. This email will notify you about where and how you may pick-up your absentee ballot.
  4. To receive your absentee ballot from the Mail Center, you must present your Action Card to the service counter attendant and provide your electronic signature for receipt of the ballot.
  5. Once you have picked-up your absentee ballot, you then complete and return your voted absentee ballot to your election office by your State’s specific deadline.

Updated: August 2016