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    Stasia Foster

    On top of her game

    Stasia Foster, a junior from Austin, Texas, has proven she’s a leader on multiple playing fields at the Capstone. From getting involved with Alabama Football’s recruiting operations to homecoming and Greek life, Foster has found her home at The University of Alabama.

    Melinda King

    This edition of Office Hours introduces Melinda King, the executive director for the career center. King is an expert in interviewing and preparing students to have a successful interview.

    Squad Goals

    A quick stroll around campus often highlights changes to the Capstone. From new buildings to a larger student body, things have changed for students, faculty, staff, and alumni alike. If you look closer, you might see a more subtle change, but one that hundreds of students have put tens of thousands of hours into bringing about.

    Lonnie Strickland

    This edition of Office Hours introduces Dr. Lonnie Strickland, professor of strategic management in the Culverhouse College of Commerce. Strickland is an expert in strategy. And while he calls Tuscaloosa home during the fall and spring semesters each year, when summer arrives he and his wife travel to their other home in South Africa.

    Shayla Smith

    This edition of Office Hours introduces Shayla Smith, a field coordinator in the School of Social Work. As a field coordinator, Smith’s major responsibilities include placing students in field placements and facilitating their internships. While students are in their placements, she acts as a liaison to help students navigate their time doing field work.

    Justin Lomax has worked in Dr. Ryan Earley's biology lab researching behavioral ecology since fall of his freshman year.

    Finding fulfillment

    For UA senior Justin Lomax, college has been a time for new challenges, building connections, and personal growth. Though Lomax said originally he had no plans on leaving his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, for Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he was ready to make his home at The University of Alabama after taking a campus tour his senior year of high school. Since arriving in the Fall 2013, Lomax has found opportunities and communities not only on the University’s campus, but also in Tuscaloosa and Northport.

    Merinda Simmons

    Keeping connected

    Justin Washington, a Tuscaloosa native, grew up going to the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama. The events and activities he was able to take part in when he was younger shaped much of who he is, he said. During his time at UA, Washington has worked hard to stay involved and give back the organization that gave him so much.

    Catherine Roach

    Office Hours provides an opportunity to introduce UA students, family, and friends to the outstanding men and women who work at The University of Alabama and work tirelessly to provide each student with a great experience at the Capstone. This edition introduces Catherine Roach, a professor in UA’s New College. Roach’s specialties include the study of gender, sexuality, ad popular culture; she also writes romance fiction.

    Making Her Mark

    For Hawaii native Rhiannon Hein, the opportunities provided by UA made the cross-country trip to attend college worth it. “It was definitely a leap of faith, but the recruiters from Alabama really made me feel wanted here,” Hein said. Hein, a junior at UA, is a double major in English and history — and a double minor in creative writing and the Blount Undergraduate Initiative.

    Diving in

    Coming to America to attend college was a no-brainer for Vietnamese international student Phuong Nguyen, a sophomore electrical engineering major who loves to try new things.

    Meredith Bagley

    This edition introduces Meredith Bagley, an assistant professor in Communication Studies. Bagley’s specialities include rhetoric, critical theory, and social change.

    Chasing greatness

    It didn’t take long for Adapted Athletics coaches to recognize that Shelby Baron, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, would be an asset to The University of Alabama wheelchair tennis team. Four years ago, Baron was competing against a UA player, while attending the University of Hawaii. Now a UA senior, the transfer athlete said she is thankful for the move that helped her improve her athletic performance and allowed her to join a team.

    Susan Fant (left) and one of her graduate students, Liza Bollinger (right) worked with Kinematic Sports to effectively market the company’s medical privacy tent at the Alabama coach’s clinic. Fant said these types of opportunities give her students the real, hands-on experience they need to succeed in their future careers.

    Susan Fant

    This edition introduces Susan Fant, an instructor of marketing and the corporate director for the masters of science in marketing program. Fant’s specialities include digital and social media marketing.

    Marissa Navarro connected with UA Crossroads as a freshman, but she is also working to create more opportunities through the Hispanic-Latino Association she founded.

    Celebrating Culture

    As Marissa Navarro explored the hundreds of organizations available at Get On Board Day, she was shocked to realize that something was missing: representation of the Hispanic and Latino community. Over her next three years at the Capstone, the rising sophomore biology major from Michigan said she plans to change that, one step at a time.

    Liza, left, Charlotte (middle) and Peirson are May degree candidates.

    Seeing Triple

    They share similar interests and tastes, and they often finish each other’s sentences. There was never a doubt they would go to the same college, but the idea that they would grow into different careers was definitely a new one. “This is our first time to ever have different interests,” says 22-year-old Charlotte Rogers, the fraternal triplet to identical sisters Peirson and Liza, who are all seniors at UA.

    Tyler Merriweather spends time working with the Boys and Girls Club.

    The Role Model

    Tyler Merriweather stumbled across the opportunity to work with UA Crossroads while searching for bubbles. After chatting with the new UA Crossroads Director Lane McLelland, Merriweather not only found bubbles, but also found himself a new member of the Crossroads team. He currently serves as the student director of campus engagement for the organization.

    Shuwen Yue was recently named the recipient of the 2016 Catherine J. Randall Award, one of The University of Alabama's Premier Awards.

    Perfect Chemistry

    In January 2016, more than 120 students packed the monthly American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Shelby Hall, a stark contrast from two years earlier when just 20 students attended the meetings regularly. At the front of the room stood UA’s ACS president Shuwen Yue, a senior with a dual major in chemical engineering and chemistry, who first recognized the need to revive the organization as a sophomore.

    UA senior Maury Holliman connected with the Women and Gender Resource Center during her freshman year at the Capstone.

    A passion for awareness

    Students at UA listen attentively when Maury Holliman serves as a guest speaker for their class on behalf of the Women and Gender Resource Center. It’s hard to not be captivated by the young woman standing before them, who passionately spouts off facts, figures, and resources to keep students engaged.

    Dr. Jason Black gives one of his African-American heritage tours on UA's campus

    Dr. Jason Black

    This edition of Office Hours introduces Dr. Jason Black, an associate professor of rhetoric and public address in UA’s Department of Communication Studies. Rhetorical studies is the study of public communication. His research specialties include the American Indian resistance, African-American rhetoric, and legal rhetoric.

    Undre Phillips helped found the Kick Start College program, which introduces middle school students to UA.

    The Kick Starter

    Undre Phillips, a secondary education and social science major, regularly helps introduce young people to UA as a part of Kick Start College, a program he helped develop as a member of Freshman Forum during his first year at The University of Alabama.

    Walker Jones, an Honors College student, is equally at home on the gridiron or in the classroom.

    Behind the Mask

    Walker Jones is the youngest of a trio of brothers who have left their mark on the Capstone. He balances his time between Alabama football and his finance major at UA.

    Lane McLelland

    This edition introduces Lane McLelland, the director of UA Crossroads within the Division of Community Affairs. Crossroads provides leadership in cultural programming and intercultural education.

    Leadership through service

    If there is a theme to Joey Neff’s college experience, it’s service. Whether he’s delivering canned foods, tutoring a local third grader, or traveling abroad to work with underprivileged communities, Neff stays busy giving back to the Alabama community.

    Mentorship through kindness

    Conventional hardly describes Jean Swindle, a UA graduate student who traveled around the globe before settling in Tuscaloosa to earn her Ph.D.

    The perfect rhythm

    Mornings begin early for Jacklin Byers, a senior on the UA rowing team. She witnesses the sun rise across the Black Warrior River at 6 a.m. most days of the week as she practices. Byers has to be up before the sun to juggle multiple activities at UA in addition to her demanding athletic responsibilities, but she says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Rieland finds her niche in Panhellenic leadership

    Lindsay Rieland is the picture of student involvement at The University of Alabama. A junior from Dublin, Ohio, Rieland stays busy as a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and an Al’s Pals mentor, along with playing club volleyball, taking part in the Student Government Association and serving as treasurer of the XXXI women’s honorary.