Our UA departments – academically, administratively and within Student life – support UA’s mission of cultivating legends through providing transformative learning experiences to students. This collaborative effort helps our students become well-rounded, employable, informed citizens and active leaders. REAL Tide encompasses how we track transformative learning experiences outside the classroom that complement a student’s academic work. UA faculty and staff who support this work can join us in:

  • helping UA accomplish its mission
  • enhancing the meaningfulness of your interactions with students
  • broadening student experiences to make them more career-ready
  • engaging students to improve their academic success
  • deepening student learning through prompting them to critically reflect on their experiences

Faculty and staff can get involved with REAL Tide by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Participating in REAL Tide Information Sessions – one-hour modules which introduce staff/faculty to the concept of REALTide.
  2. Tagging Activities as REAL Tide eligible – you can build new or enhance existing assignments, events, student organizations and out-of-class projects by matching them to one or more engagement waves and requesting they be REAL Tide-tagged.
  3. Telling people about REALTide – explain REAL Tide to students using resources from our library (library coming soon) and research on REAL Tide activities to add to the knowledge base.
  4. Giving students REALTide credit – After REAL Tide-tagging activities, collect UA Event Pass or Act Card swipes at events/locations, upload attendee lists and submit them for assessment via the REAL Tide rubric.

To send a tag request or for more information on REAL Tide and the processes that accompany it, please email Dr. Moore-Miller at rlmoore@ua.edu