The Division of Student Life is dedicated to the recruitment and development of student-centered educators. We believe that professional development is essential to promoting a standard of excellence within a learning organization. Through professional development, we share knowledge, expand our skills, provide models of cooperation and collaboration that strengthen our campus community, and stimulate new ideas.  We expect that Student Life staff will pursue professional development opportunities that enhance their skills, and the Division, in conjunction with The University of Alabama Department of Human Resources, will sponsor intentional and thoughtful professional development opportunities for staff. Supervisors will work with staff to establish individualized professional development goals and will support employees’ efforts to participate in learning opportunities.

Professional Development Committee

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to develop, implement, and assess professional development opportunities that enhance the competence of of Student Life staff. Specific initiatives will:

  • educate new professionals about Division practices, campus history and structure, and competencies needed by professionals
  • educate support staff professionals about advanced skills needed
  • inform staff about professional development opportunities available through the University, professional associations, and local institutions
  • provide a series of workshops to prepare staff to work with diverse student populations
  • collaborate with campus partners to supplement the Division’s professional development initiatives
  • evaluate staff needs for professional development and plan accordingly

The Professional Development Committee is currently on hold until May 2022. Please contact Laura Thomas if you have any questions.