The Division of Student Life at The University of Alabama provides intentional programs and support services designed to maximize student learning. We know that students are constantly learning beyond the classroom, and Student Life programs provide a variety of leadership and engagement opportunities that encourage students to explore their passions and develop their skills.

Who is Student Life?

A pyramid with the text Transformed and Engaged Learner at the apex, Community and Belonging in the middle and Resources and Support at the bottom.
Our vision and mission (defined below) focus on developing students so they become transformed and engaged learners. This maximized learning is the crowning achievement and highest goal of Student Life. And we recognize that in order for students to achieve their greatest learning potential, they must be equipped with solid foundations providing resources and support as well as opportunities for community and belonging.

Transformed and Engaged Learners – We empower and develop students through cocurricular learning opportunities.

Community and Belonging – We foster diverse and inclusive communities where every student can find a sense of belonging.

Resources and Support – We provide resources and support to care for the whole person wellness of every student.

Student Life Departments


We aspire to cultivate an inclusive campus culture that promotes equitable opportunities for engaged learning, holistic wellness, and student success. We will position students as stakeholders in their learning experience, preparing them to be the next generation of leaders, lifelong learners, and active citizens.


The Division of Student Life empowers and supports students in maximizing their UA learning experiences.

Values (ACE)

Values guide and direct the Division and its culture, creating a professional moral compass for the organization and its staff. These values are an internalized framework that provide shared expectations and must be practiced and modeled by staff throughout the Division.

  • Advocacy – Empathy | Respect | Civility | Character
  • Community – Equity | Belonging | Inclusion | Collaboration
  • Excellence – Accountability | Integrity | Innovation | Consistency | Evaluation | Communication

Learning and Development Goals

In our mission to maximize student learning experiences at the Capstone, we focus on five learning and development goals, or “waves” of cocurricular learning and engagement.

Global and Intercultural Learning

Holistic Development

Community Service & Engagement

Leadership Development

Experiential Learning

Goal 1: Global and Intercultural Learning

Develop capacity to be informed, open-minded, and responsible while addressing significant issues in the world, learning to articulate self identity and engage with others in a global context.

Goal 2: Leadership Development

Strengthen leadership skills and broaden core beliefs and values to influence personal, professional, and civic environments.

Goal 3: Holistic Development

Cultivate the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to build a life of vitality, engagement, purpose, and resilience while creating healthy environments through college and beyond.

Goal 4: Experiential Learning

Promote learning to manage personal and professional experiences, behaviors, and skills to confidently achieve life-long success.

Goal 5: Community Service and Engagement

Expand and develop understanding of active participation in community, promoting the value of human welfare and benevolence.