The Division of Student Life at The University of Alabama provides intentional programs and support services designed to maximize student learning. We know that students are constantly learning beyond the classroom, and our programs complement academic pursuits, support well-being, and promote student development.

To support student learning, we seek to provide transformative learning experiences by collaborating and partnering with academic departments, faculty, the community, and others. From living-learning communities to peer mentoring, from intramural athletics to career counseling, Student Life programs provide a variety of leadership and engagement opportunities that encourage students to explore their passions and develop their skills.

Mission: The Division of Student Life maximizes each UA student’s learning experiences.

Vision: To be regarded as a premier division of student life; known for our commitment to learning; recognized as collaborative, assessment driven, student-centered educators; responsible for shaping the next generation of engaged citizens.

The Division of Student Life at The University of Alabama provides experiences that advance:

  • Intellectual pursuits and lifelong learning
  • A community that cultivates inclusiveness, respect, integrity, and responsibility
  • Personal growth, development and leadership
  • Interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Opportunities for participation, contribution, and a sense of belonging
  • Health, wellness, enjoyment, and fulfillment

Strategic Priorities for 2016-2017: These strategic priorities guide our work in meeting the mission and vision of the Division of Student Life.

Download a copy of this file: Strategic-Priorities-StudentLife.pdf (535 downloads)