The Student Life Leadership Council (SLLC) is the primary external advisory board to the Vice President for Student Life. By sharing insight from their diverse career and life backgrounds as well as through financial support and network connections, the SLLC will have a profound and positive impact on Student Life at the Capstone.


The mission of the Division of Student Life is to maximize student learning. The SLLC is an external support group made up of alumni and friends of the University who have committed to partnering with Student Life in this mission by their own personal involvement and by sharing their network connections. Personal involvement includes engaging with Student Life staff, assisting students through knowledge-sharing, internship and career development opportunities, scholarships, and other financial contributions to Student Life initiatives. They will support the VPSL through advice based on real-world business experience and the development of a nationwide and global network of contacts. Their network connections allow Student Life to acquire additional financial and knowledge resources to expand programming and support for students.

SLLC meets on campus twice each year (once in the fall and once in the spring) to connect with divisional and University leaders and learn about Student Life initiatives. Individuals interested in learning more about SLLC should contact Victoria Giattina at

2022-2023 SLLC Members

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