Crimson Colleagues

Crimson Colleagues is designed to help new staff members adjust to The University of Alabama and the Division of Student Life as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This program pairs new employees with seasoned staff during the first three months of a new employee’s time at UA in order to provide ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement. Crimson Colleagues also provide a point of contact outside of a new employee’s own department, in order to begin the process of meeting colleagues across the Division.

New Professionals Institute (NPI I and NPI II)

NPI I is designed for new Student Life professionals with less than five years’ experience in the field. The Institute meets for approximately three hours per month for nine months. Topics of relevance to new professionals include student development theory; making professional connections; crisis management; and legal issues in higher education.

NPI II, designed for professionals with five years’ experience or more, complements the topics explored in NPI I and allows for more in-depth discussion of topics of interest to participants.  Many topics are explored through case studies presented by Student Life staff. NPI II also meets for three hours per month for nine months.

Social Justice Series

Workshops in the Social Justice Series are designed to enhance the awareness, knowledge, and skills of Student Life staff.  Each semester focuses on a different topic that encourages understanding of a diversity of voices, life experiences, and backgrounds.