The 1893 Society leadership development program was established to explore the unique continuity of womanhood in relation to building skills, preparing for a chosen profession and leveraging technology as a resource to stay on pace with the evolving world around us. The program takes its name from the year that women first entered the Capstone and the program’s emphasis on continued connection and intersection of experiences. This unique program will enhance student’s understanding of self, create opportunities to evolve the ability to work with others and help students apply advice and perspective from accomplished alumni, women in tech and other challenge-driven job industries that will help create an ongoing loop of opportunity for themselves and beyond.

How to Join

This program will begin Wednesday, Feb. 7 and run until Wednesday, April 3. Meetings will take place in the UA Student Center, Room 3104 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Participation in the program will be free and all materials will be provided. There will be opportunities for mentorship, networking and continued learning for all participants. We sincerely hope you will consider sharing this opportunity with your students.

We have created an interest form that can be accessed using the button below.

1893 Society Interest Form

Program Contacts

Please feel free to share this information with your student groups and anyone who might be interested in participating. If students have questions, they can reach out to Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement, or Paige Acker, Director of University Programs.