The Email That Changed Everything

photo of levi dysonIt’s strange to think that an email can change someone’s life, but that’s exactly how it happened for Levi Dyson. When the St. Louis native earned National Merit Scholar distinction, he knew he wanted to attend The University of Alabama.

 “I loved the scholarly engagement that I saw from the students on my tour and the community seemed really welcoming. I was in,” Levi said.

Today, he’s a double major in Psychology and Economics, Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council on Wellness and the Vice President of Quality Improvement of UA Project Health. Levi’s college life could have looked very different, however, if it were not for one special email.

“It all started for me by reading a newsletter. That’s how I found out about Project Health and then decided I wanted to join,” he said. His first year in Project Health motivated him to become more active on campus, eventually leading him to apply for a leadership position in Project Health and join Student Life’s Advisory Council on Wellness. It didn’t take long for Levi to see the results of his efforts reflected on campus and in the student community. In just a few short years at the Capstone, Levi was involved in efforts to create a sexual health resource hub for students in myBama, to place more chairs and fireplaces around campus and to deliver goodie bags containing sexual health products to every dorm room on campus. Levi wants every student to know how to access the “incredible resources” available to them.

Levi encourages all students at UA to jump into opportunities on campus because of the positive changes that getting involved created for him. “My extracurricular engagement has shaped my experience a lot and has been really important in what I‘ve gotten out of school and the fun that I’ve had,” he said. “There are bountiful opportunities at UA,” he continued, “There are so many different options, there’s a breadth of opportunity.”