Meet Kailee Brands, a National Student Exchange Program Student

Kailee Brands got to study at UA through the National Student Exchange Program. She’s a junior double majoring in sports management and strategic communications, and her home campus is the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

See what she had to say about the program:

“I chose to do National Student Exchange because I have always wanted to travel and experience new places. NSE was an opportunity to do that without the large financial repercussions of similar programs like study abroad.

“This program has meant a lot to me – so much so that I decided to go on a second exchange to Hawaii in the Spring 2022 semester. It is a great way to really enrich yourself in a new place and learn their history. NSE exchanges are for a semester or a full year, so you really get the chance to explore everything while on exchange without feeling too rushed. This experience also showed me that I am capable of packing up everything and moving across the country for a job or anything else in the future and I will be able to handle the change!”

Are you interested in participating in the National Student Exchange Program so you can study at another college campus while earning credit toward your UA degree? Visit their website to learn more.