Learn about the Alabama Model of Student Health and Wellbeing

Learn about the Alabama Model

The Alabama Model of Student Health and Wellbeing provides an understanding of student wellness that contributes to students’ academic and personal success as well as ways to support it.
Students smile at camera while at a Tide After Dark Mardi Gras event

Check out UP's on-campus events

Check out University Programs, which plans awesome events for students, by students. UP hosts free, alcohol-free events where students can make new friends!

Penny Allen nominations open

Nominations are open for the Penny Allen Award, which was established in 1983 to honor Professor Emeritus Sara B. Penny Allen’s selfless service, unfailing commitment, leadership, and contributions to student life at The University of Alabama. The award is given to one student and one faculty or staff member each year and recognizes outstanding leadership, service, and contributions to student life.