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Alabama Model Goals

We are here to help you become the best and healthiest version of yourself. Find out how you can get involved in events around campus related to the goals of the Alabama Model. (Goals adapted from Chickering, 1969; Chickering & Riser, 1993)

Attaining the knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage in critical thinking and reasoning, to become involved in activities and behaviors that maintain and advance personal wellbeing, and to acquire effective communication, leadership, and cooperation skills.
The ability for the student to develop the capability to recognize and demonstrate personal ownership of their feelings and to engage in appropriate expression and management of emotions.
Development and enactment of skills that move away from emotional dependence towards behaviors that demonstrate effective problem-solving, self-direction, and self-reliance.  This leads to an interdependence and awareness of interconnection in relationships and a felt sense of resiliency and self-security.
The ability for the student to obtain the awareness, knowledge, and skills to establish and sustain healthy and relationships with others that also respects and affirms the broad nature of individual and group diversity.
The successful integration of developing competence, managing emotions, and establishing mature interpersonal relationships that results in a secure and confident sense of self based on an appreciation of the diversity of one’s own various identities and social locations.
Establishing clear and meaningful goals related to one’s own career interests and personal pursuits as well as the ability to establish and sustain commitments to others that are reliable and trustworthy.
Development of one’s own core beliefs and values that reflect a broader consideration of tenets based on personal views and principles that serve the greater social good and that are congruent with one’s self-interest and the larger social interest.