We know every student’s health and wellbeing is bigger than any grade, sport, or performance given during their time at the Capstone. Making sure all of these departments and programs have the resources and tools needed to help each diverse student requires financial contributions.

Collegiate Recovery Community Support Fund

This fund provides for educational and social activities and new programs that support student recovery and intervention services.  In addition, funds in this area support the professional needs of staff in maintaining continuing education and licensure in their fields of expertise.

Counseling Center Outreach Gift Fund

Funds in this area provide general support for outreach and educational programming provided by the Counseling Center to the campus community, particularly new and innovative outreach programming designed to provide education and primary mental health intervention to students and the campus.

Student Recreation Center Gift Fund

Contributions to this fund are utilized to support and enhance programs, services, and facilities  offered by University Recreation. This fund provides support for activities, special projects, and community outreach and engagement to enhance the overall commitment to excellence of University Recreation in providing lifelong wellness opportunities.

Health Funds for Needy Students

The Health Funds for Needy Students is designed to provide support for those students without health insurance or those who have Medicaid from another state which cannot be used here.  The funds would assist in addressing costs incurred at the Student Health Center and Pharmacy for medical care, mental health service, or medication(s).