The Penny Allen Endowed Scholarship Award was established in 1983 to honor Professor Emeritus Sara B. Penny Allen’s selfless service, unfailing commitment, leadership, and contributions to student life at The University of Alabama. Penny Allen was a social worker for many years at Bryce Hospital, a teacher in the School of Social Work at UA, and chair of the University Union Board of Governors. She valued the Union, now the Ferguson Student Center, because of its role in unifying campus and bringing diverse populations together.

This award is given to one student and one faculty or staff member each year and recognizes outstanding leadership, service, and contributions to student life. Preference is for individuals who have not received recognition in the past.

The application opens on January 1 and closes February 28 of each year. The Vice President for Student Life’s Scholarship Committee will review applications, and recipients will be honored at a special luncheon. Recipients will receive a commemorative plaque and an honorarium in recognition of their considerable contributions to campus life at the Capstone.

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Previous Award Recipients

  • 2020: Alexus Cumbie (student); Dr. Matt Kerch (faculty/staff)
  • 2019: Brooke Bailey (student); Courtney Thomas (faculty/staff)
  • 2018: Eric Ward (student); Ana Schuber (faculty/staff)
  • 2017: Jessica Sheh (student); Victoria Peeples (faculty/staff)
  • 2016: Jordan Forrest (student); Melvin Lewis (faculty/staff)
  • 2015: Justin Pendleton (student); Pamela Pruitt (faculty/staff)
  • 2014: Zachary McMillian (student); Cori Perdue (faculty/staff)
  • 2011: Elizabeth Driggers (student); Barbara Nicol and Marion Walding (faculty/staff)
  • 2010: Natalie Beck (student); Gwen Little (faculty/staff)
  • 2009: Mary Kathryn Brock (student); Ann Web (faculty/staff)
  • 2008: Bethany Powe (student); Alvin Niuh (faculty/staff)
  • 2007: Natalie Goodson (student); Fern Hampton (faculty/staff)
  • 2006: Rebecca Buchanan (student); Jerome Roseburg (faculty/staff)