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    Leadership Council

    The Student Affairs Leadership Council (SALC) is composed of alumni, parents, and friends of the Division of Student Affairs who work with divisional leadership to maximize each UA student’s learning experiences.

    The objectives of the Leadership Council are to:

    • Advise the Vice President for Student Affairs on long-range planning
    • Support the Division financially and encourage others to do the same
    • Function as an advocacy group for the University and the Division
    • Assist in the recruitment of outstanding members to the Council
    • Serve on various advisory committees established by the Council at the request of the Vice President for Student Affairs and to provide advice on specific programs, needs and issues
    • Members pledge to support the Division with an annual tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    • Young Professional members pledge to support the Division with an annual tax-deductible contribution of $500.00. SALC meets once each semester to meet with divisional and University leaders and learn about Student Affairs initiatives.

    Individuals interested in learning more about SALC should contact External Affairs at (205) 348-6275 or

    2015/2016 SALC Members

    Tina and Roy Bailey
    Dallas, TX

    Lee and Duffy Boles
    Huntsville, AL

    Mary and John Bolus
    Birmingham, AL

    Katie and Wesley Britt
    Birmingham, AL

    Piper and John Burch, Jr.
    Nashville, TN

    Suzie and Lew Burdette
    Birmingham, AL

    Patty and David Clokey, Jr.
    Gadsden, AL

    Tanya and Skip Cooper
    Birmingham, AL

    Tina and Bryan Corr
    Rosemary Beach, FL

    Nedra and Bob Crosby
    Greenville, AL

    Kathy and Butch Douthit
    Gadsden, AL

    Carolyn and Bert Eichold
    Mobile, AL

    Jennifer and John Farrow
    Thousand Oaks, CA

    Kathy and Tim Gannon
    Dothan, AL

    Margaret Garner
    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Amy and Jeffrey Grice
    Jasper, AL

    Carole and Richard Hamm
    Huntsville, AL

    Lillian and Bucky Henson, Jr.
    Selma, AL

    Mark Jacobs
    McKinney, TX

    Jamie and Neil Koonce
    Knoxville, TN

    Elena and Jeff Leonard
    Birmingham, AL

    Annette and Coleman Loper
    Atlanta, GA

    Holly Luther
    Albertville, AL

    Cindy and Mike Maddox
    Gadsden, AL

    April and Jono Mason
    Mountain Brook, AL

    Vanessa and Warner Moore
    Alexandria, VA

    Arie and Michael Nettles
    Nashville, TN

    Emily and Oscar Price
    Birmingham, AL

    Kathy and Bobby Rolfe
    Nashville, TN

    Susan and Brian Shipp
    Nashville, TN

    Nancy Richeson Siniard
    Huntsville, AL

    Mary and John Turner, Jr.
    Mobile, AL

    Jane Van Eaton
    Birmingham, AL

    Tara and Mark Widener
    Atlanta, GA

    Starla and Bert Wilkes
    Decatur, AL

    Jessica and Lee Woosley
    Nashville, TN

    Mary Ann and Jim Yann
    Knoxville, TN