Office Hours: Cathy Elliott

Office Hours provides an opportunity to introduce UA students, family, and friends to the outstanding men and women who work at The University of Alabama and work tirelessly to provide each student with a great experience at the Capstone.

This edition introduces Cathy Elliott, who is the director of advising programs at the College of Arts & Sciences. Elliott advises students of all levels, and has served UA in multiple capacities for almost 20 years.

Name: Cathy Elliott

Cathy Elliott's headshot in front of a outdoorsy, green background
Cathy Elliott

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

Job Title: Director of Advising Programs, College of Arts & Sciences

Alma Mater: The University of Alabama (bachelor’s in English with a minor in French; master’s in counseling)

I came to UA because… I was already living in Tuscaloosa and it was the smartest thing economically for me to do. I was an undecided student when I got here, so it was trial and error, and I took a bunch of classes that didn’t work out so much, but moved me in a direction that I liked. I realized that I could get a master’s degree in higher ed, so that’s why I ended up getting a degree in higher ed and staying at The University of Alabama to work is because that’s what I enjoy doing.

When I’m on campus, I… work [laughs]. I enjoy seeing students working with other staff and faculty. I love walking around the campus. I like the Quad, and I also teach group exercise over at the Rec Center, and I’ve done that since graduate school. I love the atmosphere of this campus.

During my time at UA, I’m most proud of… making an impact on students in that having conversations with them to help them figure out what they are good at. I like helping bring those things to the surface so they can make decisions that are best for themselves in a timely manner, because it’s time-consuming and expensive to go to school.

The one UA experience I will always remember will be… when I first started working at The University of Alabama I was an academic advisor over in athletics, and I was there for 11 years. When you work with athletes you have more of a relationship than just “Hey how’s it going? I might see you next semester.” You know them well because you attend their practices and competitions and you know them from the beginning. When you’re working with someone on that level, you really get to know them and watch them grow as people, and I loved seeing that on a daily basis.

If I’m a student that is undecided on my major or career, I should… reach out to us. A lot of times that has to do with thinking about what resources are available on campus that can help them with that decision-making process. I see nothing wrong with wanting to explore options for majors. Additionally, the Career Center is a huge resource for tying a major to a career field.

To contact Cathy Elliott, email her at, or call her at (205) 348-5970. You can also find her in her office, which is located on the second floor of Clark Hall.