The Division of Student Affairs wants to provide its members with resources to help them and their departments with strategic planning, setting personal goals, developing communication and promotional plans, and showing appreciation to their colleagues and campus partners for their efforts.

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Student Affairs Strategic Plan The Student Affairs strategic plan template outlines student learning as a primary outcome. The success of our goals depends on the simultaneous assessment and planning of our programs and services. Please use the Student Affairs strategic plan template to assess your efforts and measure how well your programs, services and initiatives meet the student learning outcomes of fostering global citizenship and cultural understanding, developing ethical leaders, promoting civic engagement and creating a culture of evidence.

Project Request Form

External Affairs is happy to help all Student Affairs departments with their communication needs wherever possible. Whether a brochure, press release, graphic design, photography or social media help is needed, the team is happy to help. To request help from External Affairs, please fill out the External Affairs Project Request form.


Weekly Staff Spotlight Show appreciation for your colleagues and campus partners by nominating them for a Weekly Staff Spotlight. Weekly Staff Spotlights allow us to discover ways to appreciate and learn from one another. You can spotlight someone for going above and beyond in their position by doing one of the following:

  • Collaborating effectively to solve a problem
  • Showing particular creativity in approaching a task
  • Demonstrating a professional contribution to his/her field
  • Representing UA effectively to external audiences
  • Helping to improve the image of UA
  • Maximizing a student's UA experience
  • Demonstrating extra effort in approaching his/her job
  • Or another contribution

Submit a Weekly Staff Spotlight Nomination

Divisional Awards You can also recognize your colleagues and campus partners by nominating them for a Divisional Award. View the list of Divisional Awards and the nomination form.

Student Affairs E-Newsletter

A weekly e-newsletter sent to Student Affairs professional staff, support staff and graduate assistants. Please email Jessie Jones at to sign up for the e-newsletter.