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Staff Spotlight: Pugh creates financial foundation program

By Sam Nadolski

Financial decisions made today can have a lasting impact on the future, especially for young people. Being equipped with the knowledge and tools to make smart financial decisions can lead students of all ages to future success.

Latrisa Pugh, an accountant in the Division of Student Affairs, founded the Educational Cash Flow Youth Program to give today's youth those tools. The main goal of the program is to help participants change their outlook when it comes to their finances, as well as equip them with the tools they need for financial success.

Pugh developed the idea for this program while working in the Women's Resource Center at UA. The idea sparked in her mind when the Women's Resource Center hosted a Start Smart Pay Negotiation Workshop, which helps ensure women graduating from college know how to negotiate for fair and equal pay.

"Student Affairs created the opportunity for me to develop this idea," Pugh said. "We are all here to make sure students can be successful not only in the classroom, but in life. I have learned a lot about student life and how important it is for students to seize the opportunities available."


The Educational Cash Flow Youth Program is a financial foundation program that can help lead to smart financial decisions. It is targeted to a wide age range, and serves anyone from 6th grade through adulthood.


The program consists of four different sessions, Pugh said. The first focuses on budgeting, while the second shifts to investing and borrowing. In the third session, attendees learn about financial services like writing checks and opening a debit card. The final session hones in on participants' careers and financial plans.

Pugh said she balances both of her roles with Educational Cash Flow Youth Program and Student Affairs by holding the seminars for Educational Cash Flow Youth Program on Saturdays, which also helps attract more people to the program.

"I know that this program can have a lasting impact and fulfills the Student Affairs mission of maximizing student learning," Pugh said.

Although the program is only a year old, Pugh said it has been successful, already reaching more than 60 students and 13 adults. The Educational Cash Flow Youth Program creates an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge when it comes to financial responsibility.

"I wish there was someone who could have taught me this information," Pugh said. "This is something that is really important."

Pugh plans to keep giving back by continuing the seminars and teaching others about financial success. "There is no feeling like it," Pugh said. "I love when I can give back."

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