Professional Development

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Alabama is committed to developing the knowledge and skills of those working within our Division. We believe professional development is essential to promoting a standard of excellence within a learning organization. Through professional development we share knowledge, expand our skills, provide models of cooperation and collaboration that strengthen our community, and stimulate new thinking and ideas. Professional development is a life-long commitment that includes development of skills at varying levels: basic, intermediate and advanced as well at different stages in our careers: early, mid and senior levels.

It is expected that individual administrators, support staff and student employees will pursue professional development opportunities that will enhance their skills and effectiveness, and that the Division of Student Affairs, in conjunction with The University of Alabama Department of Human Resources, will sponsor intentional and thoughtful professional development opportunities for its Student Affairs staff. Supervisors will work with employees to establish individualized professional development goals and progress toward goals will be reflected in the annual performance appraisal.