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Student Affairs Divisional Awards

The Baier Award is named for Dr. Jack Baier, former Vice President for Student Affairs. This award is presented to a professional staff (monthly paid) member with exemplary service.

The Knopke Award is named for Dr. Harry J. Knopke, Vice President for Student Affairs from 1990 to 1997. This award is presented to a non-exempt (hourly paid) employee, which includes clerical, technical and maintenance employees, with exemplary service.

The Todd Award is named for Dr. Sybil Todd, Vice President for Studenta Affairs from 1998 to 2003. This award is presented to individuals or organization selected for excellence in partnerships.

Members of the Division of Student Affairs are also recognized for Meritorious Acts of Service, and Outstanding Graduate Assistants are spotlighted annually.


2015 Recipients

Baier Award

Paul D. Wright, Student Media

Knopke Award
April Sanders, Ferguson Student Center

Candace Peters, Blackburn Institute

Todd Award (Partnerships)
Bob Pugh and Wade Bond, UA's Office of Risk Management

Meritorious Service

Outstanding Graduate Student
Michael "Butch" Hallmark, Housing and Residential Communities

Elizabeth McDonald, University Recreation

Landon Nichols, Blackburn Institute

Eric Patterson, Women and Gender Resource Center

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